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Edward Steichen Award Luxembourg

Maria Loboda

Maria Loboda has a certain interest in the dilemma of obsolete material. She has an archeological habit of digging out antiquated belief systems, or old-world logic, that she links to her upbringing in Poland shortly before the breakdown of Socialism.

In a context of renewal and turning away from an oppressive past, objects from an everyday that has become anachronistic would simply disappear.

In her art she is therefore searching for similar phenomena throughout different cultures and centuries: the memories and the loss of others. Thoughts which were thought and then just stopped because they were proven wrong or deceptive, like alchemy, the occult, dated design or music which was once considered outrageous. Because she doesn’t like the weakness of nostalgia, Maria Loboda wants to give those worn out systems their power back, like buried atomic waste, which is still radiating underneath the the surface of a complex modern world. (From Michelle Cotton, "In Conversation With Maria Loboda" in Cura Magazine, N.7, Winter 2011)

Maria Loboda was nominated by Luxembourg gallerist Martine Schneider-Speller.

Edward Steichen Luxembourg Resident in New York

Claudia Passeri

Born in 1977 in Luxembourg, Claudia Passeri now lives and works between Luxembourg and Perugia. Her art speaks of political commitment, and takes various aspects according to changing contexts. It stimulates the debate around questions of sensitive topicality, twisting the perception.

She casts doubt in order to open a new space of reflection and to trigger new discussions.

Since 2002, her work has been regularly exhibited in Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg.

Claudia is the first Edward Steichen Luxembourg Resident in NYC.

Claudia Passeri was nominated by Danielle Igniti, Director Galeries d'Art de la Ville de Dudelange.


  • Olga Sviblova, Multimedia Art Museum Moscow, Russia
  • Dirk Snauwaert, Museum Wiels - Contemporary Art Centre Brussels, Belgium
  • Scott Rothkopf, Whitney Museum for American Art, New York, United States


Xavier Canone, Director Musée de la Photographie Charleroi, Belgium
Markus Heinzelmann, Director Museum Morsbroich Leverkusen, Germany
Estelle Pietrzyk, Director Musée d'Art moderne et contemporain Strasbourg, France
Martine Speller, Director Galerie Beaumont Public, Luxembourg

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