Laureate 2013

Jeff Desom

Jeff Desom

Jeff Desom is a writer, film director and visual effects artist. Combining live-action, found footage and digital effects, his work has been selected and awarded at a number of festivals around the world.

He was nominated for the Edward Steichen Luxembourg Resident in New York by Carré Rotondes Director Robert Garcia who stresses his choice with the following statement:

Jeff Desom is a true virtuoso when it comes to image crafting: he manipulates, transforms and ‘grinds’ the cinematographic medium to bring forth a work of a particular poetic and aesthetic nature.

His music videos for the German experimental composer Hauschka are reminiscent of the filmic universe of Michel Gondry. “Rear Window”, his highly acclaimed animation commissioned by Carré Rotondes for the institution’s ‘loop’ series testifies of Desom’s mastery of the historical genre combined with a dauntless sense of innovation. Under Jeff Desom’s direction, visual codes seem to reinvent themselves through the power of imagination.

Laureate 2011

Claudia Passeri

Claudia Passeri

Born in 1977 in Luxembourg, Claudia Passeri now lives and works between Luxembourg and Perugia. Her art speaks of political commitment, and takes various aspects according to changing contexts. It stimulates the debate around questions of sensitive topicality, twisting the perception.

She casts doubt in order to open a new space of reflection and to trigger new discussions.

Since 2002, her work has been regularly exhibited in Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg.

Claudia is the first Edward Steichen Luxembourg Resident in NYC.